Thursday, 21 April 2011

Eating, Drinking and Sleeping in Tallinn

As I'm a very poor, unemployed student it means that at the moment while travelling I can't really afford to spend lots of money and so while in Tallinn we tried to keep on a tight budget.


While in Tallinn, we chose Tallinn Backpackers as our hostel since it was both really cheap and also had the best reviews I could find. The reviews certainly didn't lie as the hostel was amazing - we'd willingly go back just to stay at the Hostel. It had a 24-hour reception and so we were able to check in quite late when we arrived and after giving us a short tour, we were even given a map where they marked on several important places (like the supermarket) and places that would be worth a visit.

My bed

Our room was basic but comfortable and luckily right beside my bed there were a few stone shelves jutting out of the wall where I was able to store the locker key and my phone (which I use as an alarm) and so I didn't have to worry about keeping my belongings safe (I didn't need to anyway, everybody was lovely and friendly). Unfortunately the three guys in our room all snored in unison which made it awkward for sleeping but we managed.

The view from my window
It was a really friendly place and we met a heap of people that ended up being on the same flight back as us, one girl even offered us a lift home because she was from the same city but we already had plans so we had to decline. One night there was also a group of German guys and so I was able to test out a little of my German with one of them and although I only said basic things, I was able to understand some of their conversations which made me quite proud.

On the first night there, they managed to convince us to come on the pub crawl which I mentioned in an earlier post and each night afterwords they tried to convince us. On the Thursday, after checking out and going on the walking tour we then headed back to the hostel to shelter from the rain and spent the rest of the day chilling and watching movies on the projector as the weather was too horrible to go outside.


Useful phrases in several languages
For eating, we were unfortunately not able to eat at any of the restaurants or cafes and so got all our food from the supermarket. This was nice though in that we had the fun of shopping in an Estonian supermarket and we did try to eat things that were a bit more "traditional" such as bread and ham. Being a huge lover of cheese, I couldn't help myself from trying a blue cheese they had on offer and I also spotted a Brie with walnuts in it which I couldn't resist. We also ate quite a lot of fruit as it was pretty cheap to buy. Hopefully we can go back another time though and eat at some of the restaurants. We also saw quite a few interesting things at the duty-free in the airport like bear in a tin, unfortunately was too expensive to be worth buying as a souvenir.


The flavoured beer
One of the first things I was told when I mentioned my plans to visit Estonia was "they have really cheap alcohol" and that's certainly true. It's not quite the case when drinking out, as we discovered on the pub crawl, but buying drinks in supermarkets certainly is pretty cheap. We both tried A Le Coq, one of the traditional Estonian beers then Luci also tried Saku (I tried a little bit of it, but was too strong for my tastes). While shopping we also discovered at one point a Lemon beer and a Pomegrate beer and so we each got one to try. I had the pomegranate one which turned out to be extremely nice (and was only 70 cents too).

On Wednesday night, I was also given a shot for free from the hostel although they didn't tell us what it was but I later found a strawberry liquor which I think it was and so I bought a tiny bottle as a souvenir to use of some of my change.

Beer Pong Rules
Not only was the alcohol cheap, the hostel also taught us some fun drinking games. On Tuesday we finally learnt how to play Beer Pong and lost our very first game (although one of our opponents was an American so it was rather obvious they would have an advantage). On Wednesday night they had a game where you have to drink your height in beer. I would have loved to take part in that game but as we were leaving on Thursday we figured there was no point buying enough beer as we probably wouldn't finish it all and so it would be a waste of money and buying from the hostel would have been even more expensive. However, it's certainly something we're going to try out now that we're back home! 



  1. Yikes, was this your first time staying at a hostel? I would be too scared to.. that's annoying about the snoring, gahh my biggest pet peeve. haha.

  2. I've stayed at them before, this is just the first time I've actually properly stayed in one (aka shared with strangers instead of people I knew)

    The snoring was rather annoying, but luckily they didn't snore on the last night which was really great.


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