Tuesday, 12 April 2011

An Estonian Adventure

I spend the majority of my time on the internet reading travel blogs and looking up the prices of flights and dream about flying off somewhere nice. I noticed that Ryanair had just opened up a new route to Tallinn in Estonia and was really cheap. Since my passport runs out in May, I wanted to use it one last time before then and so asked around to try and find somebody who both could afford it and had a working passport. My friend Luci had both, but unfortunately her holidays start a week later and so wasn't able to go. I wasn't seriously expecting it to happen so wasn't too disappointed, until two weeks later when the deals changed and suddenly it was cheap enough to go during her holidays and so I quickly booked the flights before we could change our minds. We could only take hand-luggage (much cheaper that way) but we were easily able to fit everything into our backpacks as it was only for 3 days.

After booking the flights, the next stop was to find a Hostel. I found one that looked good and sent off an e-mail but two weeks later I still hadn't recieved a reply and so gave up and went looking and found another one, Talllinn Backpackers, and it turned out to be the best choice I made as it was an amazing experience and I'd go back just to stay in that Hostel again.

Unfortunately, we had planned on spending a day in Riga but there was a mix-up with the booking and turns out the bus there was booked for the wrong day (not sure how since I was really careful, especially as it was just a day trip) and so that never happened but it was extremely cheap so wasn't too bad and we went and visited a nice museum instead.

Finally, I spent a while researching Tallinn and trying to learn some basic Estonian (after all, any excuse to learn more of a language) and so although we weren't sure what we would do while we were there, we had a rough idea.

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