Monday, 25 April 2011

Getting around in Tallinn

Say what you like, they certainly are cheap!
Being a capital city, you generally expect good transportation and Tallinn certainly provides that. Unlike some places, the airport is centrally located and taking a bus from there to the city centre only takes 5 stops and is both cheap and quick. The airport itself is quite a decent size and Ryanair have recently opened up routes there making it pretty easy to fly there.

Have you ever seen such lovely tickets?
The bus system in Tallinn seems really good, although we only used it for getting to/from the airport and when we visited the Open Air Museum. You are generally meant to buy tickets in advance although it is possible to buy them from the driver, it's just more expensive and takes a while trying to explain that you want a ticket. One of the things I liked most about the buses was the fact that the tickets are some of the most beautiful tickets that I have ever seen. Seriously, you don't expect much effort to go into a bus ticket and so I was pleasantly surprised when I was handed such a lovely ticket.

Getting lost is now a challenge
Since the old town is so small, it makes it really easy to get around simply by walking which lets you really explore the place and it's signposted really well making it very difficult to actually get lost as you just keep going until you reach another signpost - when trying to find the train station to visit the Russian Market we didn't need to consult our map at all as we just kept following the signs.

Finally, there are plenty of buses and ferries allowing easy and cheap access to all the neighbouring countries and so not only is Tallinn a wonderful city and easy to navigate, but it would also make an excellent base for exploring the rest of that small corner of Europe which is certainly something I plan on doing in the future.

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