Friday, 15 April 2011

The Occupation Museum and failed trip to Riga

On Wednesday we woke up extremely early in order to get to the bus station in plenty of time for the bus at 6:30, it was too early to get public transport and we didn't really like the idea of getting a taxi and so we just walked. Turned out that it didn't take us that long and we arrived with plenty of time to spare.

After waiting around for a while, we thought we should check which stand our bus would be at, this was when the trouble started. I noticed there was no bus listed for the time we had ours booked and it was at this point I noticed the wrong date on our tickets. I still don't know how the wrong day was booked but never mind, because our tickets were so cheap we decided that it wasn't that much of a loss (plus we weren't particularly looking forward to spending 6+ hours on a bus) and went back to the hostel to get some more sleep, but not before a creepy Russian guy stopped us to tell us what beautiful girls we were... It certainly has made us want to visit Riga now as it's our "city that got away", but I guess we can leave it for another time, when we'll be there long enough to get some of the local currency.

One scary statue
After having a delightful lie-in, with no disturbance from the trio of snorers in our room, we realised we had absolutely no plans for that day and after a little discussion, we decided to visit the Estonian Museum of Occupations as it looked quite interesting and I do enjoy learning about History. I planned our route so that on the way, we'd be able to walk past Freedom Square and the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

After a lovely scenic walk, we arrived at the museum which was extremely cheap. It was quite small, but was full of interesting things and they had 7 informative videos you could watch for different time periods. They lasted around 45 minutes for each one though, so we only watched three as it was getting late and although it was really interesting, I think we would have got bored watching more. We were also able to wander downstairs where they had a collection of large soviet statues or busts which were very imposing and felt slightly creepy, especially as we were in quite a small room.

If you're interested in History then it's definitely worth a visit and I should also point out that you don't need to worry about watching all the videos as they're also available to view online for free on the museum website which can be found by clicking here


  1. Wow 45 minutes each video? They should really think about shortening those down some. They would be able to circulate more people through, and get them to watch more of the content, if the videos weren't so long.

  2. Well you don't really need to watch the entire video - it's mainly clips of different people talking about their experiences and so you can kinda just drift through them and listen to a little of each to get more of a background of what you're looking at - that and they don't seem that long when you're watching them, it was only when we looked at the time that we realised just how long we'd spent watching them.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! <3 Sounds like an amazing trip! All except for the creepy room and the weird russian guy - eek!! Sounds like the movie "Taken" The only thing about traveling that scares me are the creeps out there. (but you know, traveling is just too much fun!!)

  4. I sympathize for the "failed," instead of the "field" trip. Nevertheless, the other destination was interesting, especially for history buffs like me. A great post in a great and promising blog. I like it.. .


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