Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Pub Crawl in Tallinn

Luci and I arrived around 10:30 pm on Monday night at our hostel and minutes after arriving we were told about the pub crawl that was just leaving and asked if we wanted to join. After spending the entire day travelling and waiting and stations, we politerly declined as we wanted to settle in. Several other people stayed behind and were chilling with their beers until 11pm when the common room closes, and so when they were kicked out they decided to go on another pub crawl. This time, we were tempted along by the promise of Karaoke.

Our first stop in Estonia

Amusingly enough, the very first place we visit in Estonia is an Irish bar. After checking out the prices (after all, we're both very poor students) we settled on ordering a local Estonian beer by the name of A Le Coq. I had the light version and it was extremely nice and was enough to us courage to sing a song.

I'd certainly recommend this
After much deliberation and constant persuasion from the rest of the group, we finally settled on singing "Livin on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi since it's one of the only songs we felt confident enough in singing. As luck would have it, a group of guys we were with had chosen the same song and so we ended up being a group of five which really helped boost our confidence. The Karaoke was really good and since there were so many of us, you couldn't hear how terrible my singing was.

We stayed for a few more songs, the final one before we left was sung by the bar staff and was some popular Russian song (at least I assume it was Russian, it was certainly in Cyrillic and I know Tallinn has a large Russian population)

Our next destination was a cocktail and shot bar that seemed to have a particular fondness for drinks that you set on fire. We were told that we had to try "Cocaine" which looked like a cheaper, but stronger, version of a drink we have back home so I was definitely willing to try it. After setting the shot on fire, we had to collect the fumes in another glass and once the flame went out you had to down it immediately. After that, you had to inhale the fumes and then tip the remains of the shot on top of the upside down glass (used for the fumes) and then snort the remains. It really is something you need to try if you ever get the chance. The first time you do it, you usually don't get the full effect because you're not 100% sure how to do it so I'd suggest coming back another night (as after all, there's plenty of other drinks there and you'll want to try as many as possible.

The ingredients in Cocaine
After Luci tried another shot that you had to drink through a straw while it was still on fire, we headed off to our final destination. This was a lot more popular than the Irish pub (where the hostel group was the only people there) and also a lot more expensive. There wasn't much room but we managed to find a small space and get to know some more people from the hostel - one was even from the same city as us and she offered us a lift home.

Finally, once we all felt tired and everybody else had drunk enough, we managed to find our way back to the hostel and collapse into bed. Certainly was a great first night in Estonia!

Luci's drink that you have to drink while it's on fire
You drink the glass while pouring in the shot

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