Sunday, 8 May 2011

My First Time Eating Snails in Paris

Putting on a brave face
I stared down at the plate and started having second thoughts. However, it was too late and I'd already orded the snails, or Escargot to give them their proper name. Picking up the special fork, I extracted one snail from its shell and after a moment of hesitation I ate it.

My tastebuds were pleasantly surprised by a lovely garlic taste, it was a little chewy for my liking but turned out to taste very nice. I wasn't able to eat the entire plate, but did manage several snails before being a bit put-off by a particularly large one that still had a bit of shell stuck to it.

The Snails
You can read as much as you like about what snails taste like, but in the end nothing compares to actually trying them yourself. After seeing my friends eat them earlier at a cafe, I felt like I had to try them and I definitely don't regret them. I would happily order them again (indeed I have eaten them since then)

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