Monday, 18 July 2011

Harry Potter's Wizarding World of Adventure

Unfortunately, I had a rather short visit at Harry Potter land as I almost passed out in the queue for the Forbidden Journey and so after that didn't feel able to stand in any more queues which meant I didn't get to go on the Forbidden Journey, Flight of the Hippogriff or visit some of the more popular shops which had people queueing for hours just to get inside. However I still managed to visit enough to have a great time!

 Our first impression of it was of Hogwarts castle, looming high above us and as we slowly approached the bridge that would lead us into Hogsmeade, the excitement grew. The "village" is simply wonderful and there is so much detail in all of the shops. It truly is an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it to any potter fan (although perhaps try to visit during a less busy time of the year)

My first stop simply had to be the Dragon Challenge. Even just the queue for this ride was amazing, so detailed but unfortunately I couldn't take the camera as I wouldn't have been able to take it on the ride. We were able to just walk right on the ride and had the choice of two dragons, so we chose the Hungarian Horntail. It was amazing, so good in fact that we went straight back on and rode the other one, the Chinese Firebolt, to compare.

After this, we got our photo taken outside the Hogwarts Express with the conductor and had a look in a few shops. Honeydukes was amazing, so many sweets that I wanted to buy. Zonko's was also good, but I was hoping for perhaps a bit of a better selection as they didn't have that many items (we were also hoping they might have fred and george's joke shop there, which they didn't - or I just didn't see it) There were some shops, such as the cauldron one that you couldn't actually enter but there was still huge amounts of detail gone into the windows.

We queued for the Forbidden Journey for almost an hour, and kept getting announcements about the delay and so realised that the ride had actually broken down and we only moved when somebody gave up and left the queue. I was feeling very lightheaded and knew that if we stayed there any longer, I would pass out. However, missing this and the flight of the Hippogriff simply gives me an excuse for returning!

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